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We offer you services within the scope of SPA physiotherapy and rehabilitation with a holistic approach to health and disease. Our hotel promotes Pro-Health activities to follow the idea of wellness.

Wellness specialists say that we have to treat our body and mind as a unified whole. Following this approach, we take care about your body and soul stimulating all the senses by music, colours, proper diet, natural herbal infusions, scents, aromatherapy and the use of touch – massage.

The holistic programme of Baltic Plaza Medi SPA & FIT helps you restore your mental and physical condition by using proper methods such us moisturising, nourishing and firming your skin but also by relaxation, quiet, peaceful and discreet atmosphere.

Staying at our comfortable hotel also gives you pleasant feeling of being the centre of our attention. The idea of SPA combines various care methods through sophisticated treatments mostly based on water therapies and massages. The water is excellent for cleansing the body, can be used to drink but also for body care. It also assists in the diet, is an ingredient of cosmetics and agents used for SPA cures.

Treatments and programmes offered by medi Medi SPA&FIT: 

  • Aerobics, callanetics, stretching, body ball, Pilates, aqua-aerobics, step-aerobics, yogilates, gym, bicycling, ergometer training, relaxing exercises;

  • Aromatherapy, aromatherapy massages;

  • Thermotherapy: dry sauna, caldarium, cryotherapy;

  • Balneotherapy: brine and carbonic acid baths;

  • Light treatment: laser therapy, Sollux lamp radiation, phototherapy with Foto Vita lamp;;

  • Physiotherapy: galvanization, iontophoresis, diadynamic, isodynamic, Trabert, TENS, Nemec current, magnetotherapy, ultrasounds;

  • Spa therapies: pelotherapy – mud, mud compresses, mud wraps;

  • Climatic therapy: thalassotherapy, heliotherapy, wading in sea water, treatments with usage of organic forms (algae), terrain therapy;

  • Movement therapy: kinesiotherapy, exercises; 

  • Dietetic therapy.

Baltic Plaza Medi SPA proprietary specialist programmes:

Baltic Plaza Medi SPA medical prophylactic programmes conducted by our experts:
prof. dr hab. n. med. Witold Malinowski, dr Ewa Stachowska i dr n med. Ewelina Żyżniewska-Banaszak. 

  • Detox Fitdetoxification and body mass reduction programme:

  • Family – animation programme for families

  • Activ – programme for active people

We plan to launch the following programmes shortly:

  • Pro Femina – fertility support programme;

  • Straight Back, Junior Recreo – programmes for children 

  • Ladies Week - programme for friends

  • SPA for men – programme for men

  • Pro Aging - programme for seniors 

  • Miss Spa – programme for mature women 

  • Mister Spa – programme for men

  The treatments are performed by experienced physiotherapists and wellness specialists.