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Natura 2000 Park

Natura 2000 park is a unique  ​​landscape conservation area, also known as the Trzebiatowsko-Pomorski coastal strip.


Kolobrzeg, as part of the Baltic Seashore District, features grassy knolls, verdant sand dunes, moraines and moraine hills covered with forests. The characteristic vegetation of the land is bog heath, and beech trees, mixed with alder and pine forests. Notably the area features Swedish Mountain Ash and Honeysuckle.

The purpose of creating Natura 2000 was to protect habitats typical of the southern coast of the Baltic Sea. Numerous habitats have been identified including swamp coastal salt flats, coastal dunes of white and gray, seaside forests, willow thickets, sub-atlantic sphagnum, and shallow estuaries. Sea Band was formed in 2008 by the European Commission, to promote nature conservation and preserve the beautiful surroundings of the Baltic Plaza Hotel****mediSPA & fit.

The Baltic Plaza Hotel****mediSPA & fit is conveniently close to the Baltic coast. It featuring cliffs, dunes, spits, and tidal inlets that make Kolobrzeg and, our hotel, a premiere destination for nature lovers or anyone who wants a change of scenery.  The Protection Zone has a wide arrangement of habitats, which includes coastal waters, unadulterated beaches, the formation of the white dunes, gray dunes, and dunes stabilized by forests and depressions between the wetland dunes. The coast is characterized by a lagoon (Resko Przymorskie and Livia Luza), closed from the sea by narrow spits. The southern part of the coast turns into a large narrow depression of an ancient stream valley that is filled mainly by  fen deposits. The glacial valley is crossed by a network of canals and waterways as major Rega, Old Rega and Parsęta.

Beaches are a place of sand loving organisms (psammofile). Groups of lichens, psammofilne grasslands, bushes and beginnings of a pine forest grow On the coastal grey dunes. A large area of ​​ stabilized sand dunes covered by pine forests, are the best-preserved fragments between Mrzeżyno and Pogorzelica. The resulting elevation of the ground moraine is covered primarily mesotrophic mixed forests, where there is a bed of honeysuckle. The edges of the ancient valey stream are a place where many plants develop including European bog. The coastal lakes - Livia Luza, Konarzewo, Resko Przymorskie have become a major bird refuge. The area around Livia Łużej, and the areas between Włodarka and Mrzeżyno, southwest of Dzwirzyno and south-west of Kolobrzeg are wetland and riparian forests.


The natural resources of Kolobrzeg are its pride and wealth. They deserve special recognition. Few places can boast such great access to this natural wealth as the Baltic Plaza Hotel **** mediSPA & Fit.