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Rich and modern conference facilities at the Baltic Plaza Hotel **** mediSPA & Fit will meet the expectations of the most demanding customer and provide with a perfect environment for organizing training seminars, corporate meetings, and industry events. Such meetings are a great opportunity to build relationships between partners, co-workers, employees, management teams, companies, and their key customers.

 There is an arcade area with tables for snooker, billiards and air hockey, table board games, and darts. Our nightclub, HYDROFOBIA, provides classic and signature cocktails, dancing, and parties.

We can prepare specially tailored integration activities. Having fun together teaches effective communication and team work. It is also an ideal opportunity to get to know each other. Another advantage is the excellent location of our hotel: access via the newly built road around Kolobrzeg, proximity to the sea, a lot of green area surrounding our hotel.

 Examples of some of our integration activities:

  • Joint cod fishing- a challenge worthy of Captain Ahab. Out at sea as the sun is just peeking over the horizon. The first emotions arise when the crew passes the entrance to the marina. The waves crash against the bow of the ship and spray covers the deck. The sea breeze is refreshing. A few minutes later, the land disappears behind the horizon. You'll feel like a sea wolf. Skipper announces reaching the fishing grounds. A short briefing and you start your battle with nature. Which one of you will catch a bigger fish? Tired but happy you return to the marina. And then you know how it feels to be sea wolf.

  • Al Capone Evening - After dinner at a banquet hall three gangsters burst into the room guns blazing. The announcer speaks briefly about 30 years of prohibition. He asks the customers to rise, and invites them to an underground casino. They go through a door, where croupier distributes envelopes with Capone Cash. The dice roll, the cards fly and the gambling begins. In the meantime, we will conduct several other competitions (cash prizes), including arm wrestling. At the end of the evening the best gambler will be awarded a prize.

  • Walking or cycling together - the nearby surroundings of NATURA 2000 park and provide easy access to bicycle and hiking trails. You will discover interesting places, monuments of nature, and determine the route together.

  • Painting workshops - under the guidance of renowned artist Witold Michonia you will discover the secrets of painting. Easel, paintbrush and paint, all seasoned with a pinch of good humor. Perhaps you will paint a portrait of each other?

  • Sunset ship cruise or an excursion to Bornholm Island - sunset on the high seas is an amazing spectacle. The play of light glittering with all the colors and a large fireball disappearing behind the horizon will long remain in your memory. You’ll cruise Port NexØ on the Danish island of Bornholm. During your stay in this picturesque village you will be able to visit many interesting sights. While enjoying local cuisine you will feel like sailors visiting the yet another marina.
  • And many more TEAM BUILDING activities...

Upon request, we will prepare an individual integration activity tailored to customer needs.