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Sound + + +      
Klimatyzacja + + + + + +
Światło dzienne     + + +  
Multimedia projectors* + +        
Tablica (lub ściana) + + + + + +
Flipchart* + +        
Wi-Fi + + + + + +

* W posiadaniu hotelu 2 sztuki-można przenosić do każdej z sal w zależności od potrzeb


Interactive Whiteboard

The interactive whiteboard is a device used with a computer and a data projector. It acts as a large touch screen that works with an electronic stylus. Interactive whiteboards allow you to view any content from your computer, such as Microsoft Office files, Web pages, pictures, or videos in large format. The presenter or presentation participant, while standing at the whiteboard, can operate any program running on their computer. The user can highlight, underline, circle or move any image, text or other content. All notes made on the board can be saved, distributed via email, uploaded on a server, shared over LAN, or printed.

Advantages of using interactive whiteboards in training and conferences:

  • Effective, interactive and enriched presentation - participants are more interested in the lecture, remain more focused and they do not need to take notes.
  • Intuitive and easy to use.
  • Mobility – the whiteboard can be moved anywhere in the room or to another conference room.

Safety and ease of use – latest technology projectors dedicated to work with interactive whiteboards and accessories, such as racks and projector mounts allow you to avoid shadows on the projected image, and ensure vision safety.

  • Better use of multimedia software, videos, teaching materials and internet by being able to take notes on frames and save them in electronic form.
  • Tracking and analyzing on the big screen the topic of the lecture or training.
  • Constant access to information - all classes led using interactive whiteboard can be saved so they can be used at any time for the next class. In addition, they can be uploaded on company’s server or distributed to participants via e-mail.


RM Easiteach Software and QOMO Flow!

Bundled software for use with interactive whiteboards Flow! Works (for QOMO tables) further increases the usefulness of an interactive presentation. It has many flexible features that can be matched to the yourtopic and the level of sophistication of listeners. The interactive whiteboard becomes a tool that can be used during the entire process.

Multimedia projectors

These devices enable the easy transfer of images from a computer screen or other media directly onto the screen or multimedia whiteboard.

Our projectors will pair with any machine to allow you to present any content. These devices support applications that are installed on your computer using a stylus.


Our 46'' LCD screen can display high quality videos, for use in multimedia presentations, can  coupled with various playback devices. The depth of image and color saturation will satisfy the most fastidious tastes.

Mounting the device on the mobile rack allows the free movement between meeting rooms and throughout the hotel.


Conference rooms are equipped to hold more than 40 participants, and feature a stationary sound system with wired or wireless microphones.


Names Conference Rooms

Styl szkolny

Styl teatralny

Styl „U”

Mistral 25 35 25 25
Pasat 50 65 35 35
Mistral + Pasat 75 100 60 60
Laterna 80 130 120 60
Laterna + Mistral + Pasat 155 230 110 120
Monsun 25 30 20 20
Solano 25 30 20 20
Zonda Sala komputerowa -10 stanowisk